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The Future of Conferences and more – This Geek in Review for 27 Mar 2020

How will society change in the future? Some of the dominoes have started to fall. The value of conferences has been debated far and wide, but this year the question is moot since every conference is canceled, and a lot are soldiering on virtual. O’Reilly Media is going all in on virtual conferences and canceling their physical conferences. I wonder… Read more →

Amazon Prime members get free unlimited full-size photo storage with Amazon Photos

It was Saturday morning and I was going through my RSS feeds when I read an article talking about photo backups. That’s when I learned that Amazon Photos offers unlimited photo storage with an Amazon Prime membership. Full resolution images Google Photos offers unlimited photo storage too, albeit at a lower resolution of 2048×2048. While this is a pretty good… Read more →

Keybase offers encrypted storage, encrypted instant messaging, teams support, and web hosting

More and more of life leaves bits of digital information about us on numerous devices and services. This may include cloud services. Keybase is a service I’ve been checking out as way to securely save and share information, encrypted. Sell it to me Goz Keybase provides messaging services, cloud storage, and team messaging services, along with encryption to support everything.… Read more →