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Civil War? I didn’t like it

I left the theater after watching Civil War with a gnawing feeling that I couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t until the middle of the night when I realized what it was. Alex Garland’s Civil War The movie is not about another America Civil War, the politics and meanings behind why a Civil War would take place are implied in parts,… Read more →

2023 July Checkup

Events The Colorado trip continues with watching a production of Kiss Me Kate at the Central City Opera House. This was one of the productions that Delaney worked on as a costumer. I bought the tickets online before we left, and I messed up paying way too much on them because I was on the wrong website. Well, even though… Read more →

2023 June Checkup

Events First up for the month was my niece Rachel’s wedding! It was held at the Perry Community Center, a very cool place. The wedding was great, from the ceremony and violinist to the reception and DJ. And by DJ, that was me and I turned that mother out. I presented at the CREATE conference on the 8th at Maumee… Read more →

2023 May Checkup

Events Back on the first of May, Tara and I got to haul a trailer to Akron because not only was Grace moving home for the supper, she had then acquired a couch for us to store for the summer. And now that couch has become the cat’s couch in the garage. At least I got Chipotle! The very next… Read more →