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2023 September Checkup

Events The Ryan Rave I first read about Ryan Meetups back in March It sounded like the coolest thing, but that meet up was in New York and I had already missed it. It sounded like a fantastic experience. I was curious on how the social dynamics change in the room when you know everyone’s name. As time went on… Read more →

2023 June Checkup

Events First up for the month was my niece Rachel’s wedding! It was held at the Perry Community Center, a very cool place. The wedding was great, from the ceremony and violinist to the reception and DJ. And by DJ, that was me and I turned that mother out. I presented at the CREATE conference on the 8th at Maumee… Read more →

Let’s talk about the Oscars (2020)

I’ll start off by saying, no I haven’t seen most of the movies up for an Oscar. But, this is the internet, so where has the lack of knowledge ever stopped anyone from posting. I love going to movies, and I love when a movie hits me just the right way. Unfortunately, I don’t get to go as much as… Read more →

A bright star in the Star Wars universe

I finally finished the last 3 episodes of the The Mandalorian and I’m impressed. It’s easy to find fault in the Star Wars Universe, I’m looking at you episodes 1 & 8, and the internet seems to have a habit of magnifying the negative. So, today dear reader, I’m here to celebrate The Mandalorian. SPOILER WARNING, I may mention specific… Read more →

Goz reviews Captain Marvel

No spoilers in the article, although there may be in the comments. Just don’t scroll down that far if you don’t want to see them. Last night was the opening of Captain Marvel, opening the way for the last Marvel movie of 2019, Avengers: Endgame in April. There is a Spider-man movie, and a couple of X-men movies coming out… Read more →

Goz reviews Alita: Battle Angel

My movie and TV reviews are spoiler free, I’ll only give away what is in the trailers. The comments are the wild wild west, anything goes there. It’s a week late, but I finally got to go see Alita: Battle Angel. I went in to the movie knowing basically nothing about the series, and learned from the trailers that Alita… Read more →

Distraction free writing tools and hardware

After I stumbled across the Hemingwrite – A Distraction Free Digital Typewriter by Hemingwrite Kickstarter, I started looking at different ways to accomplish the same task but without spending $500 on a device. I’ve always had an interested in different writing setups, and would love to be a writer. For some reason, my lack of grammar and my legendary skill… Read more →