A bright star in the Star Wars universe

Just a couple of storm troopers working for what’s left of the Empire

I finally finished the last 3 episodes of the The Mandalorian and I’m impressed. It’s easy to find fault in the Star Wars Universe, I’m looking at you episodes 1 & 8, and the internet seems to have a habit of magnifying the negative. So, today dear reader, I’m here to celebrate The Mandalorian.

SPOILER WARNING, I may mention specific plot points and characters, so if you haven’t seen all 8 episodes, I recommend you do that post haste!

The premise

The Mandalorian takes place 5 years after the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi. Although the emperor is dead, remnants of the Empire still exist. It is in this world where the protagonist of the story, the Mandalorian, take place.For some reason, the group of fighters called Manadalorians don’t have names. Throughout the season, our character goes by the nickname “Mando”, which rhymes with Lando, and that stands for… nothing but a terrible nickname. But we don’t have trouble, just Mando does.

Mando works in his corner of the galaxy, taking on the jobs that are tough and pay well. This is where he takes on the job of delivery “the child”, which the internet has dubbed Baby Yoda all because he looks like Yoda. He doesn’t speak, but he does use the Force. Out here, the Force and the Jedi are still myths. Apparently Luke needs a better publicist. After rescuing the child, most of the season shows Mando on the run.

Season 1 is in the bag

I liked The Mandalorian a lot, minor quibbles about his name aside. It’s a gritty look on the Star Wars universe, where people are trying to survive. The first scene is episode 8 is my favorite scene of the season. If you have a passing interest in Star Wars, then you’ll want to watch the 8 seasons. They are all available now on Disney+, so you can join, watch the episodes, and then cancel. That was my plan, but now I think I’m going to watch The Clone Wars and Rebels first.