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Y2K20 problem, Apple Computer, Airwolf and more – This Geek in Review for January 17, 2020

For those that can remember, January 1st, 2000 was the year that was going to crash computers, airplanes, and start World War III. The problem was that a lot of programs assumed 19 as the first two digits of the year. By using this assumption, programmers could save two bytes. Nowadays, two bytes is a rounding error with storage and… Read more →


This week I learned that on iPhones without a button you can switch apps by swiping left/right on the illuminated bar at the bottom.

Yet another reason not to force quick your apps!

A bright star in the Star Wars universe

I finally finished the last 3 episodes of the The Mandalorian and I’m impressed. It’s easy to find fault in the Star Wars Universe, I’m looking at you episodes 1 & 8, and the internet seems to have a habit of magnifying the negative. So, today dear reader, I’m here to celebrate The Mandalorian. SPOILER WARNING, I may mention specific… Read more →

Why Telegram is the best messenger service

I don’t take lightly to using the term best, but in this case, Telegram earns it. There are several reasons and features that make Telegram the best. Unfortunately, the state of instant messaging clients is always in flux, so if you see something out of date, shoot me an email! In the beginning In the beginning, besides talk on Unix… Read more →