Author: ryan

Blocking ads on your home network

You’re home, and you’re thinking of projects to do. What about setting up your home network to block ads? What is ad blocking? You may have used an extension in your browser to block ads, but when you block them on your network, you don’t have to configure each device. It’s not without it’s faults, some things will stop working.… Read more →

The Future of Conferences and more – This Geek in Review for 27 Mar 2020

How will society change in the future? Some of the dominoes have started to fall. The value of conferences has been debated far and wide, but this year the question is moot since every conference is canceled, and a lot are soldiering on virtual. O’Reilly Media is going all in on virtual conferences and canceling their physical conferences. I wonder… Read more →


Tara wouldn’t let me lick what looked like chocolate off of my watch so I cleaned it with a wipe. Now I’ll never know.