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2023 March Checkup

Welcome to my first checkup post. It’s more of an extension of a journal, just more public. And it will be a hoot to check it out in 10 years to see how the early ’20s were going for me. The best news of the month came from Taco Bell with the return of the Volcano menu: Events There were… Read more →

Blocking ads on your home network

You’re home, and you’re thinking of projects to do. What about setting up your home network to block ads? What is ad blocking? You may have used an extension in your browser to block ads, but when you block them on your network, you don’t have to configure each device. It’s not without it’s faults, some things will stop working.… Read more →

Start journaling with a simple text file

Journaling has many benefits, and for those of us that can’t remember what we did yesterday, journaling is also a way of keeping track of what we have done. In the future I’m hoping I’ll be able to use my journal to pass down my exploits to a younger generation. My history of journaling I’ve tried a few different approaches… Read more →

Taking back the internet

When I look at and see that I haven’t updated the site in over two years I realize that something needs to change. Almost five years ago I switched from running WordPress to Pelican. WordPress is a blogging program that now powers 30% of the web. Pelican is a geek way of creating and publishing a website that requires… Read more →