Taking back the internet

When I look at RyanCollins.org and see that I haven’t updated the site in over two years I realize that something needs to change.

Almost five years ago I switched from running WordPress to Pelican. WordPress is a blogging program that now powers 30% of the web. Pelican is a geek way of creating and publishing a website that requires less server resources. Unfortunately, this means that while Pelican can create very fast websites, updating and managing the site is a lot harder. So over the past week I switched back to WordPress.

In the mean time, I’ve been posting education related articles over at Eduk8.me while letting RyanCollins.org fall by the wayside. That is going to change. While I adore posting edtech articles, I also like doing all sorts of geeky things. The new RyanCollins.org will be the home of my ramblings, short bursts of wisdom, and who knows what else.

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