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Taking back the internet

When I look at RyanCollins.org and see that I haven’t updated the site in over two years I realize that something needs to change. Almost five years ago I switched from running WordPress to Pelican. WordPress is a blogging program that now powers 30% of the web. Pelican is a geek way of creating and publishing a website that requires… Read more →

Publishing using Sphinx to Github

I’ve been playing around with Sphinx as a digital publishing tool. It can take multiple files written in reStructuredText (similar to Markdown, which is plain text with minimal markup) and create not only a website, but also PDFs and ePubs (and more, list is on the website). An example is the Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation. If you click on the… Read more →

Scheduled posting with Pelican

After my switch from WordPress to Pelican I realized that there was one feature that I really was missing, the ability to schedule posts in the future. When you have an itch, you scratch it. By using my Linux box at home (you could use an OS X machine also) and Dropbox, I can now schedule posts. Prequisites On my… Read more →