Tue 08 April 2014

My notes from #neotech2014

Cooking Up Creative Student Presentations

  • Using stop motion video to show DNA replication. http://t.co/PiYgYNVTie
  • Instead of the book report, use Prezi for Book Talks
  • Google Sketchup - Map out the island from Lord of the Flies.
  • Aurasma - Augmented reality connected to the physical world.
  • Student TED Talks. Student …

Tue 25 March 2014

Life is something that you do, not something that is done to you

For an English paper I'm supposed to have written by now, I read the book Ethan Frome. The tale of a man who let life be done to him instead of him doing life.

Mon 24 March 2014

Kingsoft Office Suite Free - includes IOS and Android

Tags: office

I don't know why I've never heard of this before, Kingsoft Office Suite: Free Office 2013, Professional Office Suite looks like it could be very handy for schools running Windows, but that isn't even the best part. The requirements listed on the website show that it supports iOS …

Mon 24 March 2014

The so-called Doppler effect

Satellite tracked Malaysia plane in 'unprecedented' way writes:

In its further detective work, Inmarsat studied the so-called Doppler effect, the name for what makes the noise from an approaching vehicle sound different from one speeding away from a listener.

Right up there with the so-called gravity effect and so-called wind …

Wed 19 March 2014

My notes from Beaver Local #bltlap and Learn 21 Conference #l21conf

Here is a list of links and sites I have collected from the Beaver Local Teach Like a Pirate Waiver Day and the Learn 21 Conference. In the near future I'm hoping to have time to elaborate on these resources and how they may be used.

Personalized Yearbooks

TreeRing | Create …

Sat 15 March 2014

Follow Saturday from #l21conf

Here is a list of great people to follow from Learn 21 Conference March 12, 2014:

@bob05Bob GreenTechnology coordinator, hockey player, coach and referee.Homepage
@chamadyChris HamadyPhD candidate (ABD) at the Univ. of Toledo in Curr. & Instruction, Dir. of Technology Anthony Wayne schools, ADE, Ed. Tech …

Fri 07 March 2014

Title: Dear Google, You Should Have Talked to Me First [Link]

Dear Google, You Should Have Talked to Me First writes:

It’s a sad commentary on the state of education in the U.S. when a move like this is praised.

To say I’m disappointed that Google views education through such a narrow lens is an understatement. For a …

Sat 22 February 2014

Gamification in education research

How to effectively use Civ IV in higher education | Ars Technica writes:

Lots of games, from dedicated educational titles to adult brain-teasers, make claims about how they can improve someone's mental performance in various ways. But there's often little evidence available to back up these claims and, in many cases …

Sat 08 February 2014

How does water instantly freeze in a water bottle?

In our garage we have some bottled water. With the colder weather I've witnessed an interesting phenomenon. When I bring a water bottle into the house, it is entirely liquid, but as soon as I shake it, it fills with slush.

Apparently, it's a process called supercooling. The water temperature …

Fri 07 February 2014

Open a new laptop like an animal

The best part of the terrible story done by NBC was learning how to unbox a new MacBook Air.

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