Piracy, retro, flying cars, and more – This Geek in Review for Jan. 10, 2020

For a blissful few years, the streaming shows meant subscribing to Netflix. Some would also use Amazon Video, because, why not? They were already paying for it with Amazon Prime. But then a lot of the media companies decided that they also need to get into the streaming game for those sweet, sweet subscription fees. So now we have Hulu, Disney+, AppleTV+, and HBO Now. This doesn’t include the “TV” services such as Sling and YoutubeTV. And coming soon is NBC’s horribly named Peacock (which, if they want to do it right, they need to get Katy Perry onboard for the song). All of these services are doing one thing, making piracy great again.

I’m a big retro fan, which makes the list of 52 Fun Retro Facts I learned in 2019 even better.

We didn’t get our flying cars by 2015, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine what they may have looked like.

Over the years I’ve kept bookmarks with various services. One of the first services I used was Del.icio.us. This past week I found this gem from 2005, the Xbox 360 Has Nothing On Atari 2600.

One of my favorite moments in the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd was the robot at the end, and I’m not the only one who likes practical effects. In some ways, the ’93 Jurassic Park looks better than the more recent movies due to the mixing of practical and CGI effects.

Have you ever wondered what the consoles do in the Apollo Space center? Now you do.