Returning to the coronavirus world and more – This Geek in Review for 12 Jun 2020

Going to a retreat for 75 days without outside communication sounds pretty cool. Doing it at the beginning of March 2020 could have some repercussions.

The first killer program for personal computers was the spreadsheet, or more specifically, VisiCalc. Here is a behind the scene look at the creation VisiCalc. And, following along with vintage computing, how about
extracting constants from 8087 math coprocessor.

Back on May 21st I missed the 40th anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back. I’m bummed that I didn’t commemorate the day, but at least the date brought this article to my attention. Apparently, the ending of Empire changed from the initial 70mm print to the wide release of the 35mm print.

Knight Rider for 8 cellos

There was one show that I couldn’t miss growing up, and the was Knight Rider. It doesn’t quote hold up today, but the theme song does.

Not only has the coronavirus wrecked any sort of social life I have, it also has affected the accuracy of the weather forecasts. A lot of atmospheric data is collected from commercial airplanes, and when they’re not flying, less data is collected.

If you want to buy a decommissioned nuclear reactor control panel, I’ve found one for you.

Robotic arm punches through walls

What’s better than a robotic arm? How about one that can punch threw walls?