Behind the scenes of Late Night and more – This Geek in Review 19 Jun 2020

At the beginning of the stay at home orders a lot of daily shows had to figure out how to work remotely. Some of the shows were really rough, but Late Night‘s production values were a step above the rest. LA Times went behind the scenes to show you how they did it.

By this time in your life you are probably tired of Bonestorm, so it nice to see the release of Lee Carvallos’ Putting Challenge. Speaking of video games, we also have a look at the genius that is the original NBA Jam.

From the “I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for Etsy” department, here’s a story that led the FBI from an Etsy review to identify a suspected arsonist. Lesson to be learned, don’t leave reviews if you’re going to do something bad.

Our long Flash nightmare is almost at an end, as Adobe Flash Player reaches end of life on December 31, 2020. The browsers have slowly been making Flash harder and harder to run, and after December it will run no more.

I’m not a big Facebook fan, but letting users turn off political ads is a bright spot.. It won’t affect me much since I only go on FB once every couple of weeks, but for others that use it every day, this is a godsend.

From the teacher fail department, here’s a letter from a teacher chewing out Neil Armstrong for faking the moon landing along with his response. I’m sad that he took the time to reply.

Got ADHD? Well the FDA just approved the first prescription video game to treat it. The game doesn’t appear to be available yet and I couldn’t find a link to pricing or if the game is available without a prescription.