iPhone 9-10-2013 Event Predictions

Today is the latest Apple iPhone event, a time when the Internet turns to all things Apple.

What will probably be announced

The next version of the iPhone will probably be announced, the iPhone 5S. Purported to be twice as fast as its predecessor the other redeeming feature will be the availablility of the 5S in a Champagne color. To combat the low end market for smartphones, Apple is rumored to also be coming out with the iPhone 5C. Because it will use a plastic case, it will be available in a wide range of colors. The iPhone 5, 4, and 4S will be retired.

A release date for iOS 7 will also probably be announced.

Less likely to be announced

A controlpad accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch to be released with iOS 7. This will allow games to take advantage of physical controls. Adding it to the AppleTV along with apps for the AppleTV could also be announced.

The new Mac Pro shipping date could be announced, but that is a long shot.

What will probably not be announced

  • New iPads
  • A new iPod Touch
  • Anything with computers other than the Mac Pro
  • The iWatch

What would you like to see?