Fri 25 October 2013

Tweetbot 3 is one step forward, two steps back

Tapbots this week released Tweetbot 3, their iOS 7 update to Tweetbot. Unfortunately, they changed one of the best features of Tweetbot. Lists were treated as a first class citizen. You could replace your Timeline with any of your lists with two taps. Now they have moved lists to one …

Tue 17 September 2013

Apple is allowing you to download older versions of apps that are compatible with your current OS

Over at Reddit there is a screenshot that shows Apple giving the users of older devices the ability to install the last compatible version of an app for their current OS.

Hopefully this will continue, it's very frustrating on my original iPod touch to not be able to find any …

Tue 17 September 2013

#tlah Push notifications on the cheap

Taking control of your notifications is nice, but sometimes you want to be able to customize alerts. For iOS there are apps such as Boxcar, Pushover, and App Notifications. These apps are nice and do the job, but they require a little more setup and/or they cost. As I …

Wed 11 September 2013

Post Apple event 9-10-2013 notes

So the latest Apple event happened. I'm always a little disappointed in them. Maybe I put my expectations too high? Anyway, for schools, the big news is the inclusion of the iWork apps (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) and two iLife apps (iMovie and iPhoto) now available for free with new …

Tue 10 September 2013

iPhone 9-10-2013 Event Predictions

Today is the latest Apple iPhone event, a time when the Internet turns to all things Apple.

What will probably be announced

The next version of the iPhone will probably be announced, the iPhone 5S. Purported to be twice as fast as its predecessor the other redeeming feature will be …

Mon 09 September 2013

Four myths of using iOS devices

First it starts as a tip or rumor, and then it blows up into an integral way you use or believe you can use you iPhone or iPad. Here are 5 such myths.

  • Force quitting apps saves power and makes the phone run faster.
  • IOS devices can't multitask.
  • The onscreen …

Wed 04 September 2013

Multiple email addresses with one Apple ID

Apple IDs, the center of identification in the Apple universe, have the capability to attach multiple email addresses. By signing into you can verify additional email addresses. Once added you can use them with several Apple services, most notably, iMessages. Others can iMessage you with any of …

Fri 30 August 2013

How to record touches and gestures for iOS screencasts

Tonight I was playing around with Assistive Touch on my iPhone. In the Accessibility Settings, Assistive Touch places a "button" on the screen. This button gives the user access to certain capabilities, such as the ability to push a virtual home button. Playing around tonight I went into the Favorites …

Tue 27 August 2013

Take control of your notifications

Interruptions are deadly. Well, maybe that's a little bit of exaggeration. But even three second interruptions can cause problems. I've decided to take back the notifications on my phone.

First stop was the phone ringer. Apple doesn't have a silent ringtone on the iPhone, so I had to search. In …

Wed 07 August 2013

Pythonista, programming on your iPhone and iPad

Let me show you something that will make you feel young as when the world was new. -- Dr. Carol Marcus

I feel like a teenager again while playing around with Pythonista (Universal, $6.99), an app for iOS allows you to program in python directly on the device. It reminds …

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