Automating My Fair Food Pics

This week is the Hardin County Fair, and, good news for my fans since I will be posting an array of eating delights. I try to not repeat any foods during the fair, but I will probably make an exception for the pumpkin dumplings1.

Here’s an example of a previous year, with a map. I’m not ready to add a map to my Shortcut… Yet.

After posting a picture, I usually get a few people asking where I got it. I started to include a picture of the food truck as a thumbnail in the corner of the picture. But, the creation of the picture takes time. I have a computer in my phone, let’s put it to work.

My Fair Food Shortcut

Here is my creation, the Fair Food iOS Shortcut for iPhones and iPads. Once installed, I can add an icon to my home screen.

To create my foodie masterpiece, I take a picture of the food truck and of the food. I run the Fair Food Shortcut. The Shortcut shows my last 10 pictures taken and asks for the picture of the food truck. After selecting the correct picture, the Shortcut again shows me my last 10 pictures taken and asks me to select the picture of the food. Once the food picture is selected, the Shortcut resizes the picture of the Food Truck and places it in the upper left corner of the food picture and then saves it to the Camera Roll.

Get a notification when I post!

Now I can share my composited image to my website here along with Instagram. If you want to keep up with my pics, you can:

  • – the best way. Use your favorite RSS reader. And if you don’t have an RSS reader, GET ONE!

If you want an alternative…

1 – The pumpkin dumpling is a slice of pumpkin pie in dumpling form, topped with pumpkin ice cream and whipped topping. Although the dumpling has shrunk in size over the years, the entire dessert is still delicious.