2023 April Checkup – Spring Break & half-marathons!


Spring Break 2023, Tara and I checked out an AirBnB in Millersburg. It is a house built out of containers, and the layout shows why you may not want to build a house out of containers. The stay was really cool though.

It was a pretty relaxing stay, although my runs through the hills of Holmes county were pretty tough. Lehman’s was pretty cool too.

A new restaurant came to Kenton, the 101 Smokehouse in the old A. E. Roby building. An extension of their food truck service, the restaurant serves various pulled meat dishes. It was really good, although our waitress was a little stressed.

The last weekend was a whirlwind of activities. On Friday we went to Akron for Grace’s dance recital, and then on Saturday I ran my 6th half-marathon in Columbus with a time of 2:22. Monday was a trip back to Akron, but that’s a story for the May check up.

The half-marathon was a pretty fun run, although the DJ at mile 12 was just plain evil. When you’re getting close to the finish line of these big races, you’ll hear an announcer cheering on the runners. Well, at mile 12, where you take a right to head down to the finish line there was a DJ doing the same thing. You may think this isn’t that big of deal, but when you’re running and you hear that, you think you’re close to the end. In this case, you turned right and found out you have almost a mile to go.

Miles Traveled: 1,102


The Krogers in Dublin had self checkout carts!

As you walked through the store, you scan items before placing them in your cart. It must have a pretty sensitive scale in it or some other mechanism to detect unscanned objects. I tried putting items in the cart without scanning and this just made it angry. The cart turned red and started beeping at me. At the end of the shopping trip I paid at the cart, put my groceries in bags and left the store. Pretty slick, and I didn’t have to talk to anyone at the store. I don’t think they’re used very much, there were probably 20 carts available and I didn’t notice anyone else in the store using them.

April 2023 also marked the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi!! I had finished the half-marathon that morning when I noticed it being played that day, so of course we had to see it on the big screen. And it was glorious.


  • Murder Mystery 2: Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston’s attempt at a Knives Out mystery. It didn’t hit that level, but it was better than the first.
  • Up in the Air: Kind of depressing movie that I knew nothing about. Apparently it had 6 Oscar nominations, including best movie, best actor in a leading role, and 2 for best actress in a supporting role. Who knew?
  • Cocaine Bear: Did this live up to the premise? Almost… The ambulance scene sold it for me.
  • Super Mario Bros.: What can I say, one of the best video game movies released so far. I’m not going to say the best, that goes to Mortal Kombat, but it’s up there.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: This was a movie that gave me a throwback to the fun movies of the 80s. Smart, funny, witty, and an exceptional cast. I so hope it gets a sequel!
  • Return of the Jedi: Except for the CGI crap added, this still holds up as a great, fun movie.


TV I watched (number of episodes in parenthesis):

  • Cheers (14)
  • Coupling (1)
  • Parks and Recreation (2)
  • The Bad Batch (1)
  • The King of Queens (2)
  • The Love Boat (1)
  • The Mandalorian (7)
  • The Neighborhood (1)
  • The Office (4)
  • The Office Superfan (3)
  • Wings (6)


  • Average Steps/day: 15,848
  • Most steps in a day: 32,530
  • Min steps in a day: 12,073
  • Resting Heart Rate: 50bpm
  • Average Time Asleep: 7h 35min
  • Miles walked: 137
  • Miles ran: 71