Fornite concerts – This Geek in Review for 15 Feb 2019

This past month Fortnite held a Marshmello concert in the game. I have to admit, watching a recording of the concert made me wish I had logged in to watch it live. When Marshmello asked for everyone to jump when he dropped the beat, and they did, I had goosebumps for some reason.

Weird weather in the UK with rare snow rollers spotted in field near Marlborough.

A company in Texas plans to sell the first permitted, 3D printed house.

A collection of memories of Facebook Paper. Facebook Paper was a really nice looking way to scroll through your Facebook feed, but they got rid of it anyway. Probably couldn’t track people in it well enough.

It’s another week, and we have another Star Wars book. This on is about Han Solo and looks really cool.

Who would have ever thought that a subtitled show about tidying up would spark so much joy? Well, how about applying the same technique to cleaning up your Twitter feed?

Cool looking 8-bit map of the USA.

In the beginning the only sounds created by a PC was those through the small motherboard speaker. Shiru8bit has released an album produced entirely on the PC speaker.

And I’ll leave you with this amazing hand drawn recreation of World 1-1 from Super Mario Brothers.