Bring on the robots – This Geek in Review for 11 Jan 2019

Technology gets a bad rap, and is blamed for a ton of society ills. But, that line of thinking just focuses on the negative. In Tokyo, technology is allowing a cafe to use robots controlled by paralyzed people.

First it was Space Invaders wrist, then it was Nintendo thumb. Now, we have selfie wrist. Think of the children!

Lawyers should leave technology to the professionals. Paul Manafort’s lawers attempted to redact information in a court filing by changing the background color of the text to black. Although this makes the text look like the information is redacted, in reality, anyone can highlight the “redacted” text, copy, and paste it into another document to read. And this isn’t the
first time.

It looks good in the movies, I can’t believe it didn’t work:

This is the most disturbing looking iPhone charger that I have ever seen:

And, finally, some 80s bits of geekdom. First up is an auction for all 4 Cameros that were used in the Transformers movies. Unfortunately, they aren’t street legal.

Mark Hamill let us know that during the filming of Star Wars there was a record heatwave in England. Due to the heat, filming of the Death Star scene had most of the pilots wearing only the top-half of their costume, attacking the Death Star in shorts.

Check out this look of computer stores of the 70s and 80s. Once you’ve had your fill of the computer stores, you can see how computers were sold in the late 80s: