Yes Virginia, Die Hard is a Christmas movie – This Geek in Review for 14 Dec 2018

The nets are raging this week over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Maybe people raged every year and I didn’t know. Anyway, is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Of course, someone had to survey people on this question, and the results overwhelmingly say that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. Those people are wrong, and to prove it, we go to see what Christmas movies people stream and search for this time of year. A big thank you to the people in Washington, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Virginia, you are correct. For giggles, you can read Roger Ebert’s Die Hard review from 1988 and make your own Die Hard Christmas tree ornament.

Finally, the definitive proof that Die Hard is a Christmas movie:

Seeing Tom Cruise in a public service announcement seems uncharacteristic for him, and I’m sure he’s tilting at windmills. People still record vertical video and force quit their apps on the iPhone even though the first makes for a crappy viewing experience and there is overwhelming evidence against the second. I’m sure motion smoothing on TVs will be this century’s blinking 12:00.

Copyrights and the public domain

Back in the late 90s, half of a dynamic singing duo from the 70s was elected to Congress. Sonny Bono, from Sonny and Cher. While Cher became pretty famous, Sonny became a forgotten politician. His time in Congress was short lived after he died in a freak skiing accident. To honor him, a copyright extension bill that was making its way through Congress was renamed the Sonny Bono Copyright Act. The law extended copyrights for another 20 years, depriving us of works entering the public domain. Which means no works in 20 years has entered the public domain. The extension runs out on January 25, 2019, so the Creative Commons is having a party. 


Better Worlds looks like it’s going to be some awesome science fiction come the new year.

The 80s

Apparently, Chubby Checkers wasn’t afraid of attaching his name to anything, including singing a song for Dig Dug. Luckily, the recording has been found and uploaded to SoundCloud.

Betamaxmas is pure gold and awesomeness.

Now this is what I call a throwback:

And, in case you forgot about one of the first computerized fitness trainers, Puma is rereleasing its classic 1986 RS – Computer running shoe.

The Bumblebee trailer looks amazing, showing the live action Transformer movie we’ve wanted since the 1986 The Transformers: The Movie. The fact that it takes place in 1987 is icing on the cake. I am pumped.

Not the 80s, but still awesome.

Still awesome

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