IRC for teachers #tlah

Since the website at just isn’t up to everyone’s standards on using IRC for group chats I’ve put together a brief tutorial on installing a Chrome app that works a lot better than the website. It is also prettier. πŸ™‚ (I also stumbled acrossed Tiny Tiny IRC tonight, but the install is a little more involved, so this will be a later project.)

For this tutorial, you’ll be using Google Chrome. There is a Chatzilla add on for Firefox, and if there is a demand, I’ll put together a tutorial for Firefox users (although you’ll probably be able to use this one to get started with Chatzilla). In Chrome, go to the Chrome Apps store and search for CIRC (or click the link). Install the app, and then launch it.


You’ll be created with a nice chat box, but you’re not connected to any servers yet. Before you connect to a server, you’ll need to set a nickname. In the message box, type /nick NICKNAME where NICKNAME is the nickname you want to use.

Set Nickname

Now you are ready to connect. In the message box, type /server (If you haven’t noticed, all of the IRC commands start with a slash (/)). CIRC will connect you to the server.

Join Server

Once on the server, you need to connect to a room. Type /join #tlah to join the Teach Like a Hacker. Rooms are created and destroyed on the fly. If you join a room that doesn’t exists, a room will be created. And as soon as the last person leaves a room, the room is destroyed.

Join #tlah

Now that you’re in the room, start typing! On the left you will see a list of members of the current room along with a list of connected servers and channels. Anything typed in the box that doesn’t begin with a slash will be sent to everyone in the room.

Start Chatting

Want to go native? Or mobile? Here are some other clients to check out:

(This is just a list to get you started, there are a plethora of clients available for the modern operating systems!)