T3: Copyrights, bosses, and MOOCs

Prince George’s considers copyright policy that takes ownership of students’ work

One of the main cornerstones of education is sharing. What one teacher
or student creates is freely shared with others, for the benefits of the
system. Unfortunately, Prince George is currently review a policy that
would assign all work completed by teachers and students to the
district. From what I understand about copyright, teacher work could
conceivably fall under work for hire, which means the school district
could assert this ownership. But should they? For students the legality
is a bit murky. Since the students do not work for the district, it
would be a stretch to believe that the district could assert copyright.

Why “Bosses” are Poor Leaders

Bosses are a dime a dozen. Leaders can be one in a million.

Reminds me of another quote I’ve read:

You do things for your boss because you have to, you do things for a
leader because you want to.

Coursera forced to call off a MOOC amid complaints about the course

As MOOCs grow in popularity, there will be growing pains, and here is a
story with 40,000 of them.

Among the comments on blogs and Twitter: “Wowzers, 40,000 students
signed up for #foemooc considering google spreadsheets limit of 50
simultaneous editors … not a good choice!”