Jamie Vollmer Keynote OSBA 2011 Capital Conference


Author of “Schools can not do it alone”

Talk about our power. A little bit about the need for change.

Quote by Lincoln

Mold public sentiment

Others have done an excellent job of molding public sentiment against
public schools.

Governors think that private sectors know how to fix everything.

Capitalism isn’t unlimited in its ability to create (?)


If school leadership is the problem, then everyone else doesn’t have to


Wall street journal: abolish local school boards.
The farther the decision maker is from the child, the dumber the
decision gets. Core principle one.

People used to rally against the soviet central planning. Concentrate
all power in the hands of a small group of people.

Terrible trends:
Demographics-percentage of taxpayers with children in school in Ohio is
less than 20%. A lot of people have the been there,done that attitude.
They have forgotten something. Public education has two reasons for ring
developed. Individual benefit for students, the public good. Everybody
benefits when they support the public schools. Every aspect of their
quality of life is tied toward their local schools. Higher student
achievement, lower crime rates. After 7-10 years, tax base rises. Teen
pregnancy falls. ER use as primary care facility falls. Vote no leads to
the degradation of their community
Media is a “tad” negative. πŸ™‚ negativity sells because we like it.
At the community’s turf, at the communities convenience.
The great clanning of America. School is there to melt us. What if no
one ones to be melted anymore? “I don’t want my kids with ‘them'”.
Races, socioeconomic, political.
Tinker vs. school board, Vietnam armband protest. Past rights: “I had
the right to sit down and shut up.”

Parents are used to getting an advanced customizations. Every student
getting an IEP?

Engage your community, positive for schools

It is the best of times. For the first time we have to teach all
children to high levels.

Education greats weren’t the a ha moment, writings by the father of
public education, Thomas Jefferson. “Rake the genius from the rubbish.”
we didn’t need a lot of people to think for a living.

1965-77% of the workforce was low level skills. Making enough money for
the American dream. Currently 13%. In 5 years, 5%

We need thinkers, we can’t afford not too.

Schools and their staff have the power to change moral sentiment

Formal track of the great conversation, from the BOE. Go to where the
community is for meetings. There are millions that hated schools. They
hate going there. Go to them. In teams. Staff should front load the
conversation. Americans trust teachers more than BOE of administrators.
America trusts the classifies employees even more.

Community understanding. The community doesn’t understand what you do.
Jamie’s magic list. Things added in the last century.
Not added a single minute to the school calendar in 7 decades. Download
at Jamie Vollmer.com.

The golden age of education never existed. Must break the mental model
of what school is.

Community must trust the schools. As understanding grows, so does trust.

Community permission to do it differently. Need to stop grouping
students. Y date of manufacture

Community support. Can’t go from A to B without going through C, the

5 Ss

  • Stop bad mouthing others in publics. Gripe to your spouse, that’s
    why we have them. πŸ™‚
  • Shift your negatives to the positives. The more negative you become
    the more you compromise your immune system.
  • Share. Share something positive about what’s going on in your
    school. Something positive happens every day.
  • Sustain the effort, keep this up.
  • Start. Start this now. Whoever molds the public sentiment wins the

Joined: moral and practical thing to do. We need thinkers. Poorly
educated people are desperate, and desperate people are dangerous.