My presentations for the eTech Ohio Educational Technology Conference 2011 #oetc11

I’ll be presenting twice at the conference this year. On Monday, I’ll be
presenting “21st Century Schools: Part VI, Return of the Jedi” from 3:45
– 4:30 pm in Room: D230 – 232. This session will be on motivating
students and teachers, while trying not to stray to the “dark side” of
technology. The twitter hastag will be #rcpartvi.

My second presentation is Tuesday, “An iPad, Kindle, and iPod Touch
walked into a classroom…” at 3:45 – 4:30 pm in room: C213 – 215. This
session will explore the Kindle, the iPad, and the iPod and how they can
be used in the classroom. Alternative technologies will also be
presented and discussed. The Twitter hashtag will be #rcmobile.

For both presentations I’ll be using Google Docs, and will update this
site with urls to the presentations. I’m going to try to use the “View
together” feature, where participants can follow along and actually
converse if they have Google accounts. For audio, I’ve set up a
Shoutcast server and I’ll be attempting to broadcast the audio live
while presenting. I don’t know how well it’s going to work, but it
should be fun!

Update: The “21st Century Schools: Part VI, Return of the Jedi”
presentation is online at I’ve started to
collect the links for the presentation at