Sat 05 February 2011

A Kindle, iPad, and iPod Touch walk into a classroom - #oetc11

The slides are available on Google Docs.

Sat 29 January 2011

My presentations for the eTech Ohio Educational Technology Conference 2011 #oetc11

I'll be presenting twice at the conference this year. On Monday, I'll be presenting "21st Century Schools: Part VI, Return of the Jedi" from 3:45 - 4:30 pm in Room: D230 - 232. This session will be on motivating students and teachers, while trying not to stray to the "dark …

Sat 07 February 2009

eTech Ohio '09 Presentation page updated

[][]I've uploaded my slides, my handout, and audio from my presentation at the eTech Ohio 2009 Technology Conference to the eTech Ohio ‘09 presentation page. Wes Fryer's notes from my presentation are also online.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let me know!

[]: …

Sat 15 March 2008

Low tech and high tech communication - eTech Ohio 2008

[![The audience #4][]][]At the eTech Ohio Technology Conference this past February I presented on different ways a person can communicate. Some ways were very low tech (writing a letter, using the phone), and some ways very high tech (using Grand Central to control incoming calls, social networking with del …