Distraction free writing with JDarkroom


While there are several full screen text editing apps, I’ve settled on
JDarkroom. Written in Java, JDarkroom is a distraction free text
editor, taking over your entire screen so you can concentrate on writing
and not worry about new email or tweets. It is patterned after Darkroom
for Windows
and Writeroom for Mac.

I was using Evernote for writing, but it doesn’t have a full screen
mode. To emulate the ability to sync my notes written in JDarkroom with
my other devices I use Dropbox (Affiliate code in link,
dropbox.com is the website without the affiliate code). Now I just
save my notes into my Dropbox, and Dropbox takes care of syncing them
across my devices. The Dropbox app for Android allows me to edit text
files directly in the application, and there are several apps for iOS
devices that will let you do the same. For mark up in text files I use
John Gruber’s Markdown. It’s a very readable way to encode
formatting in a text file. There are several libraries that let you then
convert it to html or back to markdown. I installed the WMD plug in for
which allows me to write in Markdown (or just copy and
paste from one of my files.

Yes, it’s a little convoluted, and as soon as Evernote as a full screen
editor option I’ll probably switch back to it, it does work for me. πŸ™‚

[]: https://ryancollins.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/sc_1.png