Thu 03 October 2013

iPads and reluctant writers

Around the iPadifying the Writing Workshop - Part 1

“One of my students,” shared the 5th grade teacher whom I was interviewing for a podcast, “has trouble filling up the page. He just can’t do it. It’s too much. But, when writing on the iPad, using the …

Fri 19 July 2013

Pew Research - Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing

The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing and How Writing is Taught in Schools is a report from the PewResearchCenter creating from surveying Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers. Overall, the teachers believe that digital tools have a postive benefit on student writing with some concern about informal …

Fri 21 January 2011

Distraction free writing with JDarkroom


While there are several full screen text editing apps, I've settled on JDarkroom. Written in Java, JDarkroom is a distraction free text editor, taking over your entire screen so you can concentrate on writing and not worry about new email or tweets. It is patterned after Darkroom for Windows and …