Organize your email with a Flagged folder

I have multiple email accounts, and read it from various devices. It’s
all based on IMAP, so folders, messages read, etc. stay the same
from device to device. The problem I was having was when I’d read a
message on my iPod Touch or Samsung Omnia (a Windows Mobile
cellphone). Sometimes it would be a message that I would need to act on,
but can’t right at that moment. A lot of email clients allow you to flag
a message so you can remember to go back to it, but that’s not an option
on my iPod Touch or the Omnia. At first I’d just
mark the messages unread, but that also gets messy (not knowing if I
have new messages because of the unread indicator).

What I’ve done now is to create a folder called Flagged for each one of
my email accounts. Now when I get a message I need to act upon it later,
I’ll move it to this Flagged folder.

Sometimes I will just forward the message to my Remember the Milk
account, but that’s a post for another day. πŸ™‚