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Bought my 6 year old daughter an iPhone

My daughter is an avid reader and writer, so as she is preparing to go into 1st grade, I wanted to give her an outlet to publish online. What I did was set up a Tumblr blog for her at gracyl.ryancollins.org. I chose Tumblr because it allows her to easily post through email, so she can post through her computer,… Read more →

Organize your email with a Flagged folder

I have multiple email accounts, and read it from various devices. It’s all based on IMAP, so folders, messages read, etc. stay the same from device to device. The problem I was having was when I’d read a message on my iPod Touch or Samsung Omnia (a Windows Mobile cellphone). Sometimes it would be a message that I would need… Read more →

Interactive response systems

[][] [][] photo credit: swpermanAs we investigate ways to use mobile Internet devices in our classrooms, it hit me that they could be used as an interactive student response system (ISRS). Since current ISRSs are around \$100 per person, why not invest in a more useful device such as the iPod Touch, Sony PSP, or Nintendo DS (with Opera)? I… Read more →

The iPod Touch Trial

I’ve ordered three iPod Touches to be used in a trial at the high school, middle school, and elementary level. Stealing some ideas from John Schinker, I’m putting forth the following questions for the participants to answer: Does this device work well enough to have a place in our schools? How could this be used effectively with students? What limitations… Read more →

Google Reader and the iPhone/iPod Touch

Using my RSS reader of choice Google Reader, I’ve discovered two ways to use it on my iPod Touch. If I navigate to: http://google.com/reader/m I get a slightly different interface than using http://google.com/m#reader. The former address gives me a nice icon when I add it to my home screen, but the latter address works better on my touch. Does anyone… Read more →

Day 4 with the iPod Touch

The honeymoon isn’t over yet with the Touch. The battery so far hasn’t had a problem lasting through the day, and that is with me using wifi a lot! The keyboard is interesting. As long as I keep typing the autocorrect really does its thing, making email and this post pretty easy to do. I do have problems typing certain… Read more →

The iPod Touch

I picked up an iPod Touch on Saturday, and am I impressed. I have been testing out the Nokia N800, but when it comes to Internet usability, the Touch wins hands down. Surfing is very, very usable. I’m still getting used to the onscreen keyboard, but it is already a lot better than the N800. The question I have remaining,… Read more →