Tue 17 September 2013

#tlah Push notifications on the cheap

Taking control of your notifications is nice, but sometimes you want to be able to customize alerts. For iOS there are apps such as Boxcar, Pushover, and App Notifications. These apps are nice and do the job, but they require a little more setup and/or they cost. As I …

Tue 12 May 2009

Organize your email with a Flagged folder

I have multiple email accounts, and read it from various devices. It's all based on IMAP, so folders, messages read, etc. stay the same from device to device. The problem I was having was when I'd read a message on my iPod Touch or Samsung Omnia (a Windows Mobile cellphone …

Fri 16 January 2009

Group Twitter bot

Chris Hamady had the idea that at the eTech Ohio State Technology Conference we should be able to use Twitter to communicate great things that individuals see throughout the conference. It needed to be set up easy enough for people that have not been using Twitter to use. After discussions …

Thu 15 May 2008

Why do students need email?

[![][]][]On the Ohio Technology Coordinator's listserv this question was posted: > We already had one case of student to teacher generated e-mail that > originated on a student computer inside the school. The FIRST question > I got as the Tech Director was 'Why are you allowing students to send > and receive email …

Tue 08 April 2008

SYSK - Test your SMTP mail server with telnet

packet trace of SMTP connection
[Creative Commons License][] photo credit: TalkingTree
When troubleshooting email, it may be necessary to see what the email server is spitting out, just to make sure everything is working. The easiest way to do that is to use the telnet command. Telnet allows you to connect to various services on remote or local …