Google Spreadsheet Forms for class/meeting sign-ups

I was trying to think of a quick and easy way to have my staff sign up
for classes. Right before I sat down to whip something up with a little
php/mysql I realized I could just use a google form.

[][]To get started, log into Google Docs and under the New
button, one of the options is Form.

From there you can create your form. I only needed two pieces of
information, their name and which class. For the user to enter their
name I created the first item as a text field in which they would enter
their name (and Google makes this easy for you since that’s what the
first item defaults to. I did set it to be a required field though. For
the class list I used a dropdown field. Each choice I labeled with the
date of the class, the class title, and the time of the class. I didn’t
go into great depths like a description of the class since that is
emailed to the staff and available on the Technology Staff Development
site in Moodle. Now the staff can easily sign up for classes, I can
quickly find out how many people are in each class, and I can remove the
class when the sign up deadline is past or when the class is full. The
spreadsheet can also be used to take attendance.