Fri 05 February 2016

Bringing my Apple Macintosh SE/30 back to life

Several months ago an Apple Macintosh SE/30 came across eBay at a price I was willing to pay. It had a dead hard drive in it, but that wasn't a big deal to me. I had already been looking at the SCSI2SD devices so the plan was to ...

Thu 04 February 2016

My blogging at vs

I've been struggling with my online identity and what I want to share. Too often I try to spread myself too thin, but if I'm not trying to learn it all I feel like I'm missing something. If you haven't noticed, I've taken a different ...

  • Wed 03 February 2016

    Searching bash history when it's in multiple files

    When I look for previous commands that I have ran in bash, I use history | grep COMMAND. That works well when you're history is in one file, but I now save my history in multiple files from each shell and my simple command doesn't work.

    With my history ...

  • Tue 02 February 2016

    Uploading my current IP address so I can find my Pi

    For some reason my autossh job is failing to set up the reverse tunnel so I can find and connect to my Pi when the Pi is roaming. Until I figure out why that is happening, I wrote this bash script which will upload the wifi interface's current IP ...

  • Mon 01 February 2016

    Upload and converting pictures automatically from Dropbox

    I've been using Pelican to publish this website for awhile now, and one of the things I wanted to do was to be able to post from my phone and include pictures. To accomplish this I wrote a script that checks the upload folder in dropbox, and if there ...

  • Sun 31 January 2016

    Some fun with ST Writer on the Atari MegaSTe

    Inspired by a thread on AtariAge, I decided to write up my blog posts tonight on my Atari MegaSTe in ST Writer.

    The Atari MegaSTe was released near the end of the Atari computer era with a 68000 cpu running at 16MHz in a case that separates the keyboard with ...

  • Sat 30 January 2016

    autossh problems

    My Pi is doing a pretty good job on connecting to wifi when I travel between places. Unfortunately, my autossh job on the Pi is not working.

    I set up autossh to open up a reverse ssh tunnel to a known host, allowing me to always ssh to my Pi ...

  • Fri 29 January 2016

    Finding your Pi on the network

    When you're playing around with the Raspberry Pi, there are multiple times when you won't have a screen attached to the Pi but you'll want the IP address to use with SSH. What I did was set up static IP addresses on my DHCP server (in this ...

  • Thu 28 January 2016

    A bash script to check domain expirations

    I have a bad habit, and that's of buying domain names. I have about 20, with several different registrars. If I was smart, I would consolidate them under one registrar, but, even then, checking expirations on the domains is a pain. I usually have autorenew turned on, but I ...

  • Wed 27 January 2016

    Set your Raspberry Pi up for Wifi roaming

    I've had a Raspberry Pi 2 just sitting around for several months, waiting for a purpose. Since I haven't come up with a purpose, I decided to make it a portable headless Linux box that will travel with me, connect to Wifi automatically, and eventually, hopefully, set it ...

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