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Updating Twitter and Facebook with blog updates

Now that I’ve switched from WordPress to Pelican I’m face with the dilemma on how to update Twitter and Facebook when I post to my blog. In WordPress I used the Social Plugin by MailChimp to automatically post, but plugins are not an option with a static website. But as I was working on a recipe in If This Then… Read more →

Scheduled posting with Pelican

After my switch from WordPress to Pelican I realized that there was one feature that I really was missing, the ability to schedule posts in the future. When you have an itch, you scratch it. By using my Linux box at home (you could use an OS X machine also) and Dropbox, I can now schedule posts. Prequisites On my… Read more →

Good bye WordPress, hello Pelican

This website has undergone various transformations over the last 10 years. Looking back at the first incarnations from 2003 shows a site that reminds me a lot of current day Facebook and Twitter. An example of my words of wisdom from 2003: And tonight marks the end of a great TV series that it seemed like nobody was watching. Buffy… Read more →