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Current level of technology integration, what is advanced?

Tonight on #OETchat the first question was: Q1: What do you believe is the current level or state of technology integration in schools & how effective is it? #OETchat I answered that most were beginners, and some were intermediate. Then I said that none were advanced. Do you know of any districts or schools in Ohio that are advanced with… Read more →

Technology and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The IT Value Hierarchy: Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a Metaphor for Gauging the Maturity Level of Information Technology Use within Competitive Organizations(PDF) Although information technology products and services may be equally available, the innovative use of IT to create competitive differentiation has clearly been achieved y many organizations. What IT executives often lack is a contextual framework in… Read more →

Why are you integrating technology?

From School plus I have a new favorite quote for today: “When Gutenberg invented the printing press, we didn’t have Europe plus books. Instead we had a whole new Europe.” When adding technology, you want a whole new school, not just school plus technology. Go over and read George Coursos’ full post, he’s hit it out of the park yet… Read more →