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The iPod Touch

I picked up an iPod Touch on Saturday, and am I impressed. I have been testing out the Nokia N800, but when it comes to Internet usability, the Touch wins hands down. Surfing is very, very usable. I’m still getting used to the onscreen keyboard, but it is already a lot better than the N800. The question I have remaining,… Read more →

eTech Ohio Technology Conference

After reading John’s blog post yesterday, I realized that not only haven’t I posted anything, I haven’t even begun to look at what sessions I want to go to at the eTech conference. Since I present at 8:00am Monday morning, I’ve been more focused on that. Through the Online Conference Planner I’ve begun to setup the sessions I want to… Read more →

Can Wikipedia can be saved for our schools?

Andy Carvin on his blog presents a case for Turning Wikipedia into an Asset for Schools. Instead of blindly following what’s in Wikipedia, use it to present “teachers with an excellent authentic learning activity in which students can demonstrate their skills as scholars”: […]Take a group of fifth grade students and break them into groups, with each group picking a… Read more →