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Whooo ooo! I’m under 100 open tabs in Chrome!

Chrome split screen extension

Purely Paperless: Tech Tip Tuesday: Split Screen Chrome Extension writes: One extension that I have been loving lately is the Split Screen extension. With Split Screen, you can view two different web pages simultaneously without have to toggle between two different tabs or constantly resize your screens. As a recovering browser-tab abuser, I am pretty notorious for having WAY too… Read more →

How I fixed my Chrome momentary freezing problem

For the past couple of months, my main Chrome profile has been frustrating me with its “freezing” everytime the Chrome window was activated. What I mean by this, is that when I clicked on the Chrome window with the troublesome profile, Chrome would freeze/pause for 5-10 seconds. This behavior persisted no matter what platform I used with Chrome. Investigating my… Read more →

Suspend Chrome tabs with The Great Suspender

The newer versions of Firefox has a great feature where upon startup, web pages in tabs aren’t activated until they are clicked on. It’s really nice when you’re restarting the browser with several tabs open. Unfortunately, Google Chrome doesn’t offer this feature. As I was searching for something like this for Google Chrome, I came across The Great Suspender. This… Read more →

Ohio Goes Google conference notes #ohiogoesgoogle

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending my first Ohio Goes Google Conference presented by ITIP Ohio. The sessions I attended were very informative, I picked up quite a few different tips and ideas. (I’ll emphasize my thoughts like this.) Keynote speaker – Jennie Magiera @msmagiera Google Moderator The Google Tool that nobody uses was big. Jennie Magiera talked… Read more →

It feels like the 50s with all this Chrome

Although Firefox has been my default browser for several years, every so often I try out alternative browsers. A couple of weeks ago I started to use Chromium (developer builds of Google’s Chrome browser) for OS X and it has now become my default browser. Google has an obsession with speed. In fact, they have found that a .4 second… Read more →