How I fixed my Chrome momentary freezing problem

For the past couple of months, my main Chrome profile has been frustrating me with its “freezing” everytime the Chrome window was activated. What I mean by this, is that when I clicked on the Chrome window with the troublesome profile, Chrome would freeze/pause for 5-10 seconds. This behavior persisted no matter what platform I used with Chrome.

Investigating my issue, I would disable every extension, yet the problem continued. I couldn’t find anything online about my particular problem. When logging into the profile for the first time, the freeze wouldn’t happen until everything was synced. It was getting time to just delete that entire profile from Google and start anew. I didn’t want to do that. Finally, as I was looking through the settings in Chrome, I noticed the link to manage my synced data in the Google dashboard. Upon clicking on the link, I noticed I had over 16,000 bookmarks in Chrome being synced! Apparently, in the past, I had used the Delicious extension to sync my Delicious bookmarks with Chrome. What had happened was that it had duplicated all my bookmarks several times. As soon as I deleted the errant folders of Delicous bookmarks, my Chrome profile stopped freezing!!