Shorten Amazon and eBay URLs with these two Chrome extensions

I spend too much time on Amazon and eBay, looking for stuff I don’t need but want. And, eventually, I want to share my finds with everyone. The problem is that the urls are longer than the bathroom line at a Journey concert. That’s where two handy extensions for Chrome come in to play.

You can use any Bitly url shortener with Amazon, but the official Bitly extension wants you to create an account, but who needs another account. The Amazon URL Shortner for Chrome does one thing, and one thing well. When on an Amazon page, clicking the extension in the toolbar will create a shortened link to the product. And, when on regular sites, it will create a link, so win-win!

You could use the previous extension with eBay, but the Short Item URL for eBay will give you a link. This is nicer for sharing because people know exactly what they are going to get when they click on it.

Do you still use any url shorteners?