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Some fun with ST Writer on the Atari MegaSTe

Inspired by a thread on AtariAge, I decided to write up my blog posts tonight on my Atari MegaSTe in ST Writer. The Atari MegaSTe was released near the end of the Atari computer era with a 68000 cpu running at 16MHz in a case that separates the keyboard with the computer itself. I’m using the Atari SC1224 color monitor… Read more →

autossh problems

My Pi is doing a pretty good job on connecting to wifi when I travel between places. Unfortunately, my autossh job on the Pi is not working. I set up autossh to open up a reverse ssh tunnel to a known host, allowing me to always ssh to my Pi using a hostname. But it seems like I need to… Read more →

Finding your Pi on the network

When you’re playing around with the Raspberry Pi, there are multiple times when you won’t have a screen attached to the Pi but you’ll want the IP address to use with SSH. What I did was set up static IP addresses on my DHCP server (in this case the ASUS RT-AC66U$). Click on LAN on the left side, and then… Read more →

A bash script to check domain expirations

I have a bad habit, and that’s of buying domain names. I have about 20, with several different registrars. If I was smart, I would consolidate them under one registrar, but, even then, checking expirations on the domains is a pain. I usually have autorenew turned on, but I still like to know when they are getting close to expiration.… Read more →

Set your Raspberry Pi up for Wifi roaming

I’ve had a Raspberry Pi 2 just sitting around for several months, waiting for a purpose. Since I haven’t come up with a purpose, I decided to make it a portable headless Linux box that will travel with me, connect to Wifi automatically, and eventually, hopefully, set it up as a Piratebox. First things first, lets get it connecting. It… Read more →

Fixing my .taskpaper reset alias for bash

There was a little problem with my alias to reset a .taskpaper list by removing all of the @dones. It didn’t remove any spaces before the @done, so each line would gain a space every day. This fixes it: alias rst="sed -i '' 's/ *@done\(.*\)//g'" Now it removes one or more spaces that could be before @done. Read more →

Switching terminals in tmux with ALT-numbers

I’m a big tmux fan, switching from screen a few years ago. Lately, I’ve been working on ways to switch between terminals faster. Now I’m using the ALT (Option key actually) under OS X to switch between the different terminals. The switching starts with the backtick and goes across the upper row of the keyboard until the equal key for… Read more →