Some fun with ST Writer on the Atari MegaSTe

Inspired by a thread on AtariAge, I decided to write up my blog posts tonight on my Atari MegaSTe in ST Writer.

The Atari MegaSTe was released near the end of the Atari computer era with a 68000 cpu running at 16MHz in a case that separates the keyboard with the computer itself. I’m using the Atari SC1224 color monitor with it (12″ at 640×200 resolution) which is fine for most things. The mono monitor is a superb 640×400 resolution at 70Hz, but mine needs some adjusting since the screen is too small. The keyboard is pretty amazing, one of the best feeling keyboards I have every used.

ST Writer is the word processor that is the heir apparent to the AtariWriter word processor for Atari’s 8-bit line of computers. I used AtariWriter for at least 6 years as my word processor, and it made the most out of the 40 character wide screen. ST Writer feels like coming home, although now with 2.5MB of free space.

To post the article, I will use ZModem to transfer it to my Linux box where I can fix the line endings and can then use Pelican to post.

It’s pretty weird to be back on a single processing system with limited Internet access. I should do this more often!