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Don’t stop believing!

The boom box lives!

I’m trying out my new Bluetooth cassette adapter, streaming 80s from my phone.

For some reason it doesn’t work plugged in, but does work on batteries.

My latest song – Infusion Complete

I was visiting Rochelle in the hospital yesterday when one of the machines starting beeping with the message INFUSION COMPLETE. While waiting for a nurse, I started freestyling with the beeps, because apparently that’s a thing I do now. After a little bit, I decided to record the beeps in to Garageband, and thus the song Infusion Complete was born.… Read more →

I wrote a Secret Santa picker

I started this project last year, and the immediately lost the source code. So, this year, I re-created my script AND put it on GitHub. The directions on using the script are in the repository, and it should work under macOS (with brew to install mutt), Linux, and Windows Subsystem for Linux. The only pre-requisite is Python. Read more →

Automating My Fair Food Pics

This week is the Hardin County Fair, and, good news for my fans since I will be posting an array of eating delights. I try to not repeat any foods during the fair, but I will probably make an exception for the pumpkin dumplings1. After posting a picture, I usually get a few people asking where I got it. I… Read more →

Goz Reviews Avengers: Endgame

(I’m writing this review in two parts. The top will have no spoilers for the movie. The bottom part, which I will delineate with several warnings, will have spoilers.) For those who grew up in the 80s, a common theme to boost TV ratings was to have a crossover episode, taking two different shows and combining them into one. A famous… Read more →