Game Boy turns 30 and more in This Geek in Review for 9 Aug 2019

I was never a fan of the original Game Boy, which, to my surprise, did not affect its popularity. I was still an Atari fan, and was rooting for the Lynx. This past April the Game Boy turned 30. One must not underestimate the legacy of the Game Boy, it made casual gaming popular with Tetris being the pack-in. I know of several Game Boys that were nothing more than dedicated Tetris consoles.

Because of math, buying a larger pizza is usually the best deal. This can be harder to calculate if the price of toppings also change per size. Never fear, the internet has you covered with the Cheap Pizza Calculator. Enter in the prices of the size of the pie and the toppings, and the calculator will give you a per square inch pricing. I recently used it to calculate the difference of a 14″ versus 16″. It didn’t seem like there was a big difference at only a penny for square inch, but since the 16″ was 200 square inches, that made the total savings a cool $2.00.

My first viewing of Office Space didn’t impress me much. I enjoyed the opening scenes, but after that I was kind of meh. But, after multiple viewings, I became a fan. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Office Space and The Ringer wrote an oral history of the movie.

Is your screen too small on your phone to watch movies? Well, here’s a $17 device to help you watch. Reminds me a lot of these devices. Everything old is new again.

Mortal Kombat was a graphical revolution in fighting games after Street Fighter II dominated the arcades with its cartoony graphics. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how the iconic graphics were created.

When we pine for the good old days sometimes it is because we don’t remember the hardships. If you were curious about using your computer in the past, check out this list of 8 operating systems you can play in the browser.

To me, Kurt Vonnegut’s claim to fame is his roll in the underrated Rodney Dangerfield classic, Back to School. Before that, he wrote books, among them Slaughterhouse-Five which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Do you think that song in your favorite videogame sounds familiar? That’s probably because it is.