Living the future in quarantine and more – This Geek in Review for 24 Apr 2020

Back in the 80s, everyone talked about how cool it would be to be able to have video calls and work from home, and how did that work out for us? Apple added Facetime in 2010, and I can count the number of Facetime calls I’ve ever done on two hands. Now the coronavirus has been driving us to the online world we were promised.

Need something beside Netflix to watch online? How about checking out
the free shows being offered by HBO. Maybe you prefer YouTube over HBO? Here’s a way to watch YouTube videos in 3D with others, including text and video chat.

No, 5G is not the cause of the coronavirus, but some people are believing the conspiracy and shooting at cell towers. I’ve heard the telecommunication workers are also getting death threats.

Here’s a little blooper with the special effects of Star Trek Voyager when they left a cursor on the screen.

In the 90s, point and click adventures were a big deal. Here is the concept of a Seinfeld point and click adventure. I’m hoping George will be a non-playing character because, really, who would want to be him in the game.

Along with point and click adventures, BBS games (called door games) were big. They made such an impact on the developers at Slack that those developers used BBS dor games names in the documentation for the API.

Don’t you hate organizing your MIDI files?