This Geek in Review for 17 Apr 2020

I’m all for the if it ain’t broke then don’t touch it mentality, but with technology 10 years is an eternity. Yet governments are having problems because they are still using COBOL, a language from 60 years ago. Now I wish I would have paid better attention to my COBOL classes in college. Along the same line, because Boeing didn’t want to upgrade the computers in the 737 Max, the same hardware is now holding up a fix.

We’re all stuck at home, so how about checking out
Wizards of the Coast’s page of free D&D materials and resources. I also stumbled across this list of games to play online.

Did you ever wonder what the sheet music for various video games would looke like? Wonder no more!

Halt and Catch Fire was not the most popular show on AMC, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Here’s a retrospective on what made it great. The secret to enjoying the show is to not nitpick how the technology is depicted. It took me a few showings until I got over the problems with the technology and to sit back and enjoy the story. If you haven’t seen it, then go watch it!

I sometimes wonder what I would put on my gravestone. He died out of spite sounds pretty good, and that is why I totally understand building a Nintendo Switch out of spite because of scalpers.

Finally, if you want a new game to play during quarantine, how about a version of Space Invaders where the invaders are replaced with the letters that spell virus? Requires an Atari 2600 and an SD cart if you want to play it on real hardware, which any self-respective geek would have in their basement or lair.