Google Reader shuts off tomorrow, use Google Takeout and Reader is Dead to backup

Tomorrow Google Reader shuts off, have you grabbed your data? The easiest way to backup your subscriptions from Google Reader is to use Google Takeout. This will give you a .zip file with a lot of data, including a subscriptions.xml which you can import into any RSS reader that accepts an OPML file.

This is fine for your list of subscriptions, but I have been using Google Reader as a particular search engine, allowing me to search for items that I have read. I lost this ability with Google Takeout, but then I came across Reader is Dead. Mihai Parparita has created a couple of scripts that back up not only your subscriptions, but also all the items in Google Reader. For me, it was 928,981 items to be downloaded.

Under OS X the script ran right out of the box. If you are on Windows, you will need to install Python first.