Sat 16 January 2016

My Newsbeuter config file

And here's my config file that I use with Newsbeuter.

article-sort-order  date asc
auto-reload         yes
reload-time         60
show-read-feeds     no
show-read-articles  no
mark-as-read-on-hover   no
bookmark-cmd        "~/Development/bookmark"
bookmark-autopilot  no
save-path           "~/Documents/Research"

Fri 15 January 2016

Using RSS like it's 1990

I'm a big console fan, preferring to do as much work as possible from the command line. So it shouldn't be surprised that I also use RSS even as others have abandoned it for things like Twitter. I prefer to supplement my news feeds with Twitter and not replace it …

Sun 30 June 2013

Google Reader shuts off tomorrow, use Google Takeout and Reader is Dead to backup

Tomorrow Google Reader shuts off, have you grabbed your data? The easiest way to backup your subscriptions from Google Reader is to use Google Takeout. This will give you a .zip file with a lot of data, including a subscriptions.xml which you can import into any RSS reader that …

Tue 12 January 2010

Following lots of people on Twitter? You need ReadTwit

[![10th November 314/365][]][] [![Creative Commons License][]][] [photo][] credit: [fifikins][]

A couple of months ago I decided to expand my use of Twitter, and began following more and more people in the education community. This was awesome, until I realized I could not keep up with the barrage of data …

Thu 07 May 2009

Language arts teachers, take note, experience Bram Stoker's Dracula in real time


Experience Bram Stoker's Dracula in a new way -- in real time. Dracula is an epistolary novel (a novel written as a series of letters or diary entries,) and this blog will publish each diary entry on the day that it was written by the narrator so that the audience …