Sat 06 February 2016

The Macintosh SE/30 lives

Tonight, after just a little bit of tinkering, was a good night for my Macintosh SE/30. After I swapped the 2GB SD card in the SCSI2SD drive with a 256MB SD card, I was able to initialize the drive correctly. At first it only set up a 16MB partition ...

Fri 05 February 2016

Bringing my Apple Macintosh SE/30 back to life

Several months ago an Apple Macintosh SE/30 came across eBay at a price I was willing to pay. It had a dead hard drive in it, but that wasn't a big deal to me. I had already been looking at the SCSI2SD devices so the plan was to ...

Tue 10 December 2013

Cool Mac laptop stickers

61 Original Macbook Stickers That Make Your Laptop Even More Awesome

I wish I had the creativity to come up with some of these!