The Macintosh SE/30 lives

Tonight, after just a little bit of tinkering, was a good night for my Macintosh SE/30. After I swapped the 2GB SD card in the SCSI2SD drive with a 256MB SD card, I was able to initialize the drive correctly. At first it only set up a 16MB partition, so I did have to re-partition the drive, but after that, the installation of System 6.0.7 was a breeze. And even though this thing only has 2MB of RAM, it is quick! I don’t know if it’s the SCSI2SD device or the fact that System 6 doesn’t require a whole lot, but Microsoft Word 4.0 loads almost instantly. I’ll have to measure the boot time when I get a chance.

The Macintosh SE/30

I’m writing this blog post in Microsoft Word on the SE/30. The worst part is the fact that the keyboard needs a good cleaning. I’m not too impressed with the Apple Extended Keyboard II, although I’ve heard people rave about it. I think I have an IIgs compact keyboard around here somewhere to replace it. The smaller size fits better with the SE/30 anyway.