The Lego Minifig creator has died and more – This Geek in Review for 22 May 2020

We lost several great people this past February. The creator of the Lego minifig passed away. I still remember my first Lego set, which I received from my Uncle Jim and Aunt Janie when I was 7 or 8. The set, a plane and boat, started me on a childhood of creating. My first minifigs in that set were pretty sad, no face, arms, or legs. At the time I don’t remember even knowing what Lego bricks were until I got that set.

One of the most famous cheat codes of the 1980s was the Konami code, who’s create, Kazuhisa Hashimoto has died.

Finally, Freeman Dyson is dead at 96. His theory of the Dyson Sphere was a plot device in a great Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.

The Rubik’s Cube skills are impressive

I view clothes more as a courtesy to others, and it seems with the rise in videoconferencing others do also. Walmart sees a rise in sales for tops, but not bottoms.

Since you can sue anyone for anything, why not sue Netflix because you’re not making enough money fleecing the masses?

If you get lost a lot, I guess it’s time to find some friends that sense the Earth’s magnetic field. You never know when you need to know which direction North lies.

I like reading stories about WeWork, the co-working startup. The founder was pretty crazy, and it sounds like the co-founder was just trying to keep up.

The ability to tow extra batteries for your electric car sounds like a good idea, but the execution doesn’t look too cool.

Here is a look at how TV logos were created before computers.