Free streaming shows & movies and more – This Geek in Review for 10 Apr 2020

Everyone is stuck inside for the foreseeable future, and luckily, there is a ton of streaming content that is available for free. There is
Voleflix with public domain movies. Next up is all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica streaming on SYFY. Adultswim is offering all five seasons of Samurai Jack. And, by the end of May, you’ll be able to watch the first 19 seasons (and part of Season 20) in the correct aspect ratio. The last one surprises me after reading about all the flack FXX received when they first put every episode of The Simpsons online.

Just one of the many sight gags lost when The Simpsons is cropped.

Zoom‘s greatest feature is the ability to have virtual backgrounds. If you are a DC fan, then here is a collection of DC Comics backgrounds straight from the publisher.

Are you missing the sounds of Nina from corporate accounts, the soothing tones of the copier, or the gurgle of the water cooler? Then Reichenbergerstr 121 will bring the sounds of the office to you.

Sure, we can’t go out or congregate, but the worst part of COVID-19 is that it might mean no new emoji in 2021!

A metaphor for social distance to flatten the curve.