The Future of Conferences and more – This Geek in Review for 27 Mar 2020

How will society change in the future? Some of the dominoes have started to fall. The value of conferences has been debated far and wide, but this year the question is moot since every conference is canceled, and a lot are soldiering on virtual. O’Reilly Media is going all in on virtual conferences and canceling their physical conferences. I wonder how many conferences will be virtual in the future?

There are tons of reasons why being physically at a conference is beneficial, but I always wonder what virtual conferences would be like if employers gave employees time off to attend one. Let the employees stay home and attend a virtual conference. They can share what they learn when the conference is over.

I’ve heard of elections being decided with a coin flip, but FIFA pros settle match with Rock, Paper, Scissors after a server error.

Here are 2 hours of Seinfeld bloopers

The bloopers were apparently created for the cast and crew, and this particular copy made its way to a flea market.

Radiooooo lets you pick a decade and country, and will then stream the popular songs from your selection.

A 4k, 60 fps Trip Through New York City in 1911

After watching this video, I realized how lucky the people of 2120 will be. There will be millions of hours of HD footage of the early 21st century available, letting them essentially time travel to 2020.

Mastermind turns 50! We played the crap out of this game growing up.

SXSW, a major conference in Austin Texas shows off all sorts of pop culture, movies, and more. One big feature of the conference is the showing of up and coming filmakers. It was canceled this year, but Mailchimp stepped in to release the SXSW 2020 Shorts online for free.

How good is the Space Shuttle Insulation?